Language Learning


To provide an engaging learning experience to the end user in terms of Language e-Learning, we have partnered with Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone Language eLearning Solution (Auralog TellMeMore) is delivered to the end user through an online portal that offers flexibility and ease of use. The key highlights of this amazing language e-learning solution are as follows :

  • 7 languages to choose from
  • Business and every day situations
  • Accent Reduction via S.E.T.S® Technology
  • Language Proficiency Development
  • Customize training programs to best fit your learning requirements.
  • A placement test that helps determine the learner’s level, and progress tests that help track their progress.

TELL ME MORE® is a complete language learning software solution, featuring rich and varied content that includes up to 2000 hours of learning and 10,000 types of exercises. It covers all the skills to learn a language:

Rreading and writing, listening and speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and culture.

The software also features cutting-edge speech recognition technology that allows learners to engage in real-life dialogues, assess their pronunciation and improve it through detailed graphs and 3D animation.

On the other hand, TELL ME MORE®  content addresses each of the skills necessary to achieve language proficiency and uses the latest in technology to make the learning experience an enjoyable, fruitful and successful one.

More than 10,000 academic institutions have adopted TELL ME MORE® for their language learning needs, and prestigious clients such as the U.S Government, the FBI, Toyota, and Exxon Mobil, rely on TELL ME MORE® for their language learning needs.