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When you start with an e-learning initiative, it can be hard to know where to turn and what to do. Let us put our experience  to work for you !

Because we’ve “been there” and “done that” we can help you avoid common first-time problems and chart a course for a successful e-learning initiative. Our consultants apply dedication and years of experience to help you plan and implement an effective e-learning strategy.

We provide the full range of consultancy services and support to assist in the delivery of projects with our supported platforms.

Our e-learning development team will never start a project without the full understanding of your goals and objectives, meaning their full focus is on developing a winning platform for you.

Succeeding in today’s environment requires people who learn quickly and flexibly to support their organizational and personal goals. With budgets reducing and demand for effective e-learning increasing, it’s essential to implement a cost-effective learning strategy that just works.

Wherever you are in the implementation of your learning strategy we can help !

Our experts can help businesses, education / training providers, not-for-profit organizations or government departments who are looking for e-learning solutions, consultancy and advice in any of the following areas:

Change Management :

We can determine if e-learning is a good match for your business and recommend the best strategy to get you there.

Course Creation :

We provide rapid e-learning course development services to ensure that the production is taken off your plate completely so you can focus your resources on other initiatives.

Team Mentoring :

Our team ensures to train and develop the e-learning stakeholders efficiently to ensure the e-learning features and functions are utilized effectively by your organization. We train your staff on the fundamentals of e-learning development.

Strategizing e-Learning :

E-learning is a futuristic long term initiative and to ensure its sustainability, we intend to be with you for the longer run and strive to make it a success in your organization. We encourage e-learning users and conduct trainings to vitalize and motivate the users and ensure their full participation in the next generation learning initiative.

 We adopt a flexible approach through our consulting methodology : 

  • Assess

Our strategic consulting services assess your overall training requirements, content and assessments before agreeing the appropriate delivery method needed for your users.

  • Develop

We will design and develop the most effective solution. Over the years we have successfully designed and developed content covering a wide variety of topics.

  • Deliver

Implementing your content within an innovative learning platform. Ensuring your users have ease of access with the modules available anytime, anywhere.

  • Measure

Track effectiveness of your content. Ensure that the learning outcomes are meeting your organisation’s needs, delivering the behavioural change identified and providing a return on investment.

Working with you, New Horizons Training can ensure you succeed with an e-learning initiative; we can act as your consultants or provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary for a successful e-learning initiative.

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