How To Enhance Motivation In eLearning

How To Enhance Motivation In eLearning

How To Enhance Motivation In eLearning

Motivation has been and continues to be a widely studied area across many of life’s domains. Motivation is the energizing force that initiates and sustains behavior and ultimately produces results. In the eLearning universe that is, learning motivation is the reason learners need in order to fully experience our eLearning courses. Indeed, eLearning professionals are responsible for creating that reason.

Here are some ways that you can apply to improve learner motivation by satisfying their basic psychological needs:

1. Allowing learners to make meaningful choices that have consequences.
2. Providing learners with more than one way to reach their end goal.
3. Allowing learners to customise their environment e.g. choosing a character.
4. Encouraging learners to take risks and be creative during the eLearning module/course.

1. Making the goals clear and structured.
2. Allowing multiple opportunities to complete parts of the eLearning module/course to allow learners to build their competence.
3. Requiring learners to frequently make decisions to keep the eLearning module/course moving forward.
4. Measuring performance in multiple ways.
5. Increasing the difficulty as learners progresses through the eLearning module/course.
6. Linking progression (the reward) to competence.
7. Providing learners with constant and varied feedback and support.
8. Allowing people to review or replay earlier parts of the eLearning module/course.
9. Recognising achievement.

1. Providing space/areas for interaction and discussion e.g. forums.
2. Providing opportunities for collaboration e.g. tasks.

Motivation plays an important role during eLearning experiences and our challenge is to create eLearning that learners want to engage in. Educators should assist learners to internalise their motivation in the way they design and deliver learning experiences. While it’s not always easy, they can use strategies that help satisfy the competence, autonomy and relatedness needs of their students if they want to improve their motivation towards the module or course they are completing.

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