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The New Role of the Learning Management System (LMS)
In today’s fast-paced global environment, companies are challenged to adopt and respond to new business and compliance requirements more quickly than ever before. In this environment, the role of the Learning Management System is changing – from a standalone silo to a dynamic, enterprise-wide application that is integrated into all aspects of your business.
Why you should rethink your relationship with your Learning Management System (LMS)?

How satisfied are your users with your Learning Management System (LMS)?

Does your LMS software look & feel outdated?

Can you easily personalize the learning experience?

Are reporting & analytics at par with your business metrics?

Is your Learning Management System (LMS) provider invested in your success?

Why NetDimensions Learning LMS



  • Highly personalized learning experience
  • Knowledge sharing functionality (Knowledge Centers)
  • Access from any mobile device
  • Social & collaborative features
  • Integration with career development & planning
  • User friendly interface, including Learning Path capabilities
  • Automatic Exemption Policies feature to tailor training to each individual learner




  • Over 40 languages supported out-of-the-box
  • Sophisticated tracking & reporting
  • Policy editors and numerous templates for easy configuration
  • e-Commerce capabilities with various payment options
  • Connectors to Virtual Classroom platforms
  • Mobile solutions which work for online and offline learning




  • Fully customizable dashboard and easy-to-use report wizard
  • Seamless integration with performance management
  • Link to competency-driven employee development with comprehensive competency modeling
  • Increased organizational interaction and exchange of knowledge
  • Flexible & efficient approval workflows




  • Courseware Manager for course authoring plus support for your content authoring platform of choice
  • SCORM 1.2/2004 certified and AICC compliant
  • Integrated exam engine for certifications & licensing
  • Access, monitor, review, and update materials anytime, anywhere 24×7
  • Centralized global knowledge within one system




  • CFR section 21 Part 11 support
  • E-signatures, automated auditing & compliance analytics
  • Multiple validated software installations with clients in highly-regulated industries




  • Best-in-class application and infrastructure security
  • Built-in integration options with external systems
  • Secure SaaS and on-premise deployment options
  • Open platform with the NetDimensions SDK


Key Features

Compliance Analysis

Make sure your organization is compliant. Identify the degree to which selected groups and/or individuals are compliant with respect to specified target courses. Electronic records are updated in real time for proactive compliance reporting.

AI Assistant Recommendations

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistant Recommendations analyses a user’s current training history and then suggests other courses that may be of interest based on their current training. Click here to learn more.

Flexible and Configurable UI

Our user interface provides drop-down menus, which make it very easy for users to navigate the site and configure it to suit their needs. Launching a course is always just one click away.

Learning Paths

The Learning Path display functionality presents a graphical layout of a user’s training plans, courses, and learning objects. It enables users to easily see items that have been completed, in process, or that need action.

Easy-to-use Report Wizard

Collapsible sections, grouping, drag and drop ordering are just a few of the features that make it quick and easy to generate reports in NetDimensions Learning.

Universal Search

Allows maximum flexibility and sophistication in navigating through all types of learning content available in the system: courses, reference materials, news, competencies.

Class Schedule Planning Interface

A new and improved interface for class schedule planning enables instructors to schedule classrooms, resources (whiteboards), and rooms for training sessions within a single window.

Portals and Personalization

The NetDimensions Software Development Kit (SDK) is a powerful development tool that enables users of NetDimensions Learning to integrate the Learning Management System functionality into existing websites, company portals or learning portals.

Multiple Assignments

Multiple Assignments refers to situations where employees hold 2 or more distinct jobs within a single organization. It’s essential for these employees that their learning management solutions can efficiently link these different assignments.

Multiple Languages

Allows a user to easily run an eLearning course in multiple languages. In the NetDimensions Talent Suite, the same course can be set-up in multiple languages. This feature is extremely useful for global and multilingual companies.

Whether you are training employees, customers, volunteers, or partners, the need to easily deliver customized training content is crucial for your organization if you are going to make an impact. Employees are scattered across the world and customers do not have the time to dedicate to learning new products on a regular basis. A Learning Management System is designed to ensure that everyone important to your business can gain knowledge within these constraints.
A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application or Web-based technology used to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process. Typically, a Learning Management System provides an instructor with a way to create and deliver content, monitor student participation, and assess student performance. A Learning Management System may also provide students with the ability to use interactive features such as threaded discussions, video conferencing and discussion forums.
The LMS has become a powerful tool for consulting companies that specialize in staffing and training, extension schools, and any organization looking to obtain a better grasp on the continuing education of its workforce. Its impact has been felt mostly outside traditional education institutions, though the same technological and market forces are dramatically changing today’s classroom as well.
New Horizons Training puts your employees at the center of the learning experience. You will improve skills, develop leaders, reduce compliance risks, and more effectively engage your people, all from two powerful, easy-to-use learning management solutions :

Brief about UpsideLMS

UpsideLMS is a best value, multi-award winning, responsive Learning Management System. Its light and responsive design enables learners to access learning from any device of their choice, irrespective of the time and place. Equipped with 160+ features, UpsideLMS is a perfect mix of a traditional Learning Management System with an innovative edge that lets you do things other LMS’s don’t. Its flexible architecture makes it an ideal system for training companies, large enterprises, and small– and medium–sized businesses. Catering to a user base ranging from 50 to 800,000, UpsideLMS ensures that all loads are easily handled. Today, over 90 organisations trust UpsideLMS to deliver training to more than 750,000 learners.

Upside LMS Latest Video

Listing of UpsideLMS Key Feature


  • Fully responsive on learner side
  • Blended Learning Management
  • Classroom and Virtual Classroom
  • Multi-portal architecture
  • MIS & Reporting
  • Social Learning & Knowledge Collaboration
  • eCommerce
  • Multi-lingual and Multiple timezone support


Upside LMS Co-branded Brochure

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Awards and Recognitions Won by UpsideLMS

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  • 2 Golds for Blended or Informal Learning
  • 1 Gold for Compliance Training
  • 3 Silvers for Social Learning Technology
  • 2 Silvers for Learning Management Technology for SMBs
  • 1 Bronze for External Training



Winner of a Silver award in CLO’s ‘Learning in Practice Awards 2011’
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Featured in ‘Top 20 Learning Portal Companies List’ in 2010 and in ‘Learning Portal Companies Watch List’ in 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 by Training Industry.

JLMS, or the JZero Solution Learning Management System, is the ultimate in market driven development. It contains the training system requirements of numerous fortune 500 companies built in as standard, such as our elite customers Heweltt Packard, Shell and British Aerospace. Consider its outstanding features :

  • Capability: It has the power to deliver the learning in a simple yet comprehensive manner.
  • Flexibilty: Its adaptive Learning Architecture allows you to tailor the system to your individual needs, to suit your processes, to suit your enterprises unique advantages
  • Learning Architecture: It has real customization ability which allows rapid and easy modification to adapt to your needs, to adapt to your processes, thereby allowing rapid return on investment.
  • Enterprise Aware: from top to bottom, it is designed to work with your enterprise and the way you work.


Having been built with adaptability in mind, it can easily integrate with other systems to provide a seamless solution inside your corporate processes. It is available either in Full Enterprise configuration, which enables access to all features, or it is available in the ‘Lite’ version, which combines ease of use, operation and installation. Whatever your requirements are, we have found that our LMS consistently obtains the greatest ‘fit-for-purpose’ scores when compared to competitive products :

For your learners :

Feature Rich : JLMS contains all the learner features you would expect from an LMS including personalized learning plans, advanced search, training reports, self-registration, and online help and support as standard. It’s easy to use and access, and because there are no complicated extras, learners can get to their content quickly and easily. We also provide a ‘getting started’ feature which gives some useful tips on how to use JLMS.

Knowledge Forum : The Knowledge Forum provides a central location where employees can post questions and receive answers, and allows information to be shared across an organization. Staff can discuss areas of interest, and during these discussions, knowledge gets easily transferred from one part of the organization to another.

Smart Login : Single sign on technology means that learners only have to log in once to access their learning. This can help to overcome some of the barriers new users sometimes have.

For your training administrators:

Customization : JLMS’s look and feel can be adapted to look like your own, and features such as the ability to manage administration rights, allocate content to users in a number of ways, and create and modify content catalogues, all make administration easier.

Reporting : JLMS provides access to over 20 pre-defined learner reports to help you manage your training information effectively and efficiently. You can report on usage and easily link to other systems to give you a complete view of your learning solution. Should your organization have specific reporting needs, our team can work with you to create bespoke reports that meet your requirements.

Training Events Management System (TEMS) : This function provides an easy to-use scheduling system for learning activities such as classroom-based training, virtual classrooms and webinars, enabling you to fully integrate different learning styles into your learner’s training plans. As well as managing training events the system includes facilities for managing venue information and supplier details, and in order to control and monitor attendance at training events the system includes an automated approval process and an attendance monitoring system.

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