Upside Learning

Learning solutions that impact business performance

Upside Learning deliver learning solutions that impact business performance. Inspired by innovation and driven by technology, we keep our focus firmly on learning that changes behaviors and impacts performance.

Established in 2004, we are a globally recognized leader in training outsourcing. Our solutions and services portfolio includes Custom e-Learning Development, Mobile Learning Solutions, Blended Learning, Rapid e-Learning Development, Localizations, and Learning Management System. We also offer Custom Learning Technology Solutions and, Maintenance and Support Services.

With a vast collective experience of 600+ person-years, we have successfully developed 2000+ hours of e-learning and completed more than 300 corporate and academic projects for more than 150 clients worldwide. Our strong and dynamic team of over 150 e-learning professionals, located in Pune, India, provides the expertise to positively impact your organizational learning and hence, performance.


Learning that goes with your mobile workforce

Mobiles are a way of life and are catching up in the learning domain as well. We provide effective mobile learning solutions that could help you manage learning for the workforce that’s constantly on the move. You can use mobile learning for other learners too. We have created quiz apps for iPhone, HTML courses, Apps for iPhone and Blackberry, mBooks for the iPhone, custom videos that run on all types of phones, and Augmented Reality apps on Layar and Android.

Type of Mobile Content

Micro Courses

Very short courses (typically 2-5 min) can be delivered on mobiles as follow-up summaries to a classroom or e-learning session. Truly ‘Byte Sized Learning’ or ‘Learning Snack’.

Mobile Videos

Deliver short, crisp mobile video lessons on practically anything. Great as refresher, for performance support, or for company communication.

Mobile Games

Conduct periodic knowledge checks with fun quiz games or conduct surveys to gather the pulse of your organization.


Short story-based learning modules could be delivered within a mBook app. Very useful for Compliance Training.

Mobile Apps

Custom built native and web apps to suit unique needs. A Blog app to stay connected or a Product Selector app for field sales force.

Augmented Reality

Geo-location-based or image-based information retrieval could help your workforce get real-time help and support.



A revolutionary platform for mobile learning

Upside2Go is a revolutionary solution for mobile learning that brings formal, informal, social and collaborative learning, and performance support to one central platform – mobile. This revolutionary platform is now available on all major operating systems namely iOS, BlackBerry OS and Android.

An ideal solution for establishing priority communication with your employees, Upside2Go allows you to create and deliver knowledge nuggets and business critical information to your mobile workforce instantly. Besides, Upside2Go has a fully enabled engine to generate exhaustive reports on access and progress as well create and manage learning content.

For your learners, it provides a mobile enabled environment where not only they can access the training activities in the form of videos, podcasts, eLearning courses, quizzes and evaluation surveys, but it also enables them to use their mobile devices to share knowledge with others (within or outside their team) in real-time. It also enables just-in-time access to experts or performance support material when required. Moreover, unlike any other learning system, Upside2Go lets users use their mobile devices to capture relevant information around them by recording videos or taking photos and sharing it with other users instantly.

Designed to work with or without an LMS, Upside2Go will ensure that you can manage your employees’ training effectively and easily – anywhere, anytime.

Upside2Go Features


Features that truly make your learning mobile

Upside2Go is equipped with a comprehensive set of features that make the management of learning for your mobile workforce easy and effective. Its right mix of traditional and innovative features work towards giving you an experience that truly surpasses place and time boundaries.

Key Features

Knowledge Collaboration
  • Create new forums of interest and discuss
  • Ability to follow/ unfollow forums created by other users
  • Ability to reply to a topic created by other user


Social Learning
  • Take a photo from the device’s camera or choose an existing photo from the photo albums
  • Share the photo with your team (manager, peers, subordinates) or share with all users
  • Review and comment on photos created by other users
  • Record a video from the device’s camera or choose an existing video from the photo albums
  • Share the video with your team (manager, peers, subordinates) or share with all users
  • Review and comment on videos created by other users


Asynchronous Mode
  • Store learning content and tracking information on the phone
  • Automatic and manual synchronization options


Learning Media
  • Ability to author HTML courses
  • Ability to upload videos
  • Ability to author PDF documents
  • Ability to upload podcasts
  • Ability to author flashcards
  • Ability to author assessments & surveys


Scored Quizzes
  • Supports multiple choice and multiple response type questions
  • learner to save the quiz at any time to store answers of the questions attempted
  • Fixed time can be assigned to the learner to complete the quiz with help of a countdown timer
  • Ability to ‘resume’, ‘start a new attempt‘ or ‘cancel’ the current quiz
  • Graphical representation of the quiz result
  • Detailed question by question report of learner’s attempt available


Training Evaluation
  • Participate in surveys as assigned by the learning administrator
  • Detailed question by question report of learner’s attempt available


MIS & Reports
  • Reports for progress
  • Reports for usage
  • Standard built-in reports for exhaustive reporting
  • Graphical representation for detailed analysis
  • Customized reports of various mobile courses like flashcards, podcasts etc.
  • Extensive filters for multi-level reporting


User Management
  • Add, remove users
  • Users can be imported/exported
  • Assign line managers to users
  • Assign additional privileges to certain users
  • Import users in bulk


Content Management
  • Create and manage videos
  • Create and manage podcasts
  • Create and manage flashcards
  • Create and manage documents
  • Create and manage HTML courses
  • Create and manage assessments
  • Create and manage surveys
  • Create and manage curriculums


Delivery Management
  • Push content to mobile devices


Ask Expert’ facility
  • Ability to raise queries on specific courses to the course instructor
  • Ability to post replies/ answers to questions posted by other users


Updates & announcements
  • View messages or announcements sent by the learning administrator in real-time
  • The messages are arranged in an easy-to-read, chronological order


Quick Poll
  • Participate in a poll and submit your opinion
  • Immediate feedback depicted through a graphical representation
  • Ability to view results of polls which are closed or no longer active


Integration with LMS
  • Can work with or without an LMS
  • Can be easily integrated with UpsideLMS or any third party LMS


Operating Systems Supported
  • iOS: 3.0 and 4.0
  • BlackBerry OS: 5 and 6
  • Android: Froyo (2.2) and Gingerbread (2.3)


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