Soft Skills

We are the world's largest training company

We have partnered with CEGOS, one of the leading off-the-shelf e-learning course providers in the world to offer a new attractive learning experience enabling full engagement of the learner on every screen with high quality soft skills e-learning courses:


  • A catalog of 210 off-the-shelf e-learning modules dedicated to soft skills.
  • 12 capability areas.
  • Up to 16 languages with true localization (the local experts have incorporated contextual and cultural differences in order to make each version relevant and appropriate to that market and the individual user).
  • Possibility of customization.


We can deliver you e-learning projects to as few or as many learners as you need, on a high-performance and instantly availalble saas platform for :


  • Training, community or collaborative portals : to structure, engineer, build and run multilingual web 2.0 training programmes with customisable settings around your operational requirements.
  • Learner management: dedicated training paths, mapping out and streamlining employee registration processes and online or blended training course access, participant enrolment management, dedicated tools and training, etc.
  • Standard and custom reporting : to optimise team-member skill transfer and track learner progress.
  • An international hotline : to help team members deal with technical issues, in a choice of languages, through our network of foreign subsidiaries and partner firms.


If your organisation already has an e-learning platform, a specialist team will ensure interoperability with its off-the-shelf or tailored e-learning solutions so you can deliver them on your platform (as per market standards).


We will harness our e-learning delivery expertise on your platform or ours, in local, national or international environments, to put training courses at your team members’ fingertips 24/7.

Below are some of the Cegos e-learning programmes:


  • Management & leadership 
  • Applied personal development
  • Professional efficiency
  • Human resources
  • Finance & management
  • Marketing & innovation
  • Commercial Purchasing
  • Personal assistant

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